About Excelsior Charter Schools


Excelsior Charter Schools provides students with a fully accredited, blended learning program that enables students in grades 7-12 to develop, execute and achieve a strong vision for their future. Excelsior combines independent study with on-campus classes to give students a balance of autonomy, guidance and support to ensure their success. The focus of Excelsior is to provide a motivating, challenging and safe learning opportunity that will prepare students not just for graduation, but also for careers and lifelong success.


At Excelsior, education is designed around the student. Every student is assigned to a credentialed teacher we call Facilitators. The student and their parent/guardian meet with their Facilitator at least once a month. The team of teacher, parent and student, develop a Personal Life Plan (PLP) for each student. The PLP is designed to engage students in their most important school project their life after high school. The team also works to equip each student with the academic skills they need to achieve that plan. Academic skills alone do not guarantee success. We also work to equip students with Success Skills; initiative, responsibility, communication, social etiquette and teamwork.


At Excelsior we believe that all students can achieve. Dr. David Berliner, author of The Manufactured Crisis, states that When children have strong visions for their futures, they achieve more; hope is a major predictor of learning. We believe that education is an investment in the future. Failing to plan for that future is planning to fail. The same is true for each and every student. Just getting a diploma isnt good enough, they need to have a plan (and a backup!) for their future and they need the skills to achieve it. Thats our focus and our Vision, Mission and Values consists of one statement:


Excelsior Charter Schools

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